Digital Radiology Network

The inter-connection of medical engineering, the manufacturer independent data exchange, and the high-performance secure access to highly sensitive data – these goals of modern eHealth solutions have come to life with the central image archive of a big Austrian hospital alliance. Designed and developed together with us it features a scalable architecture, a secured data quality, and a high-grade resilience.

It has been deployed in 7 radiological departments, 1 casualty ward, 3 departments of nuclear medicine, 1 cardiac ward, and 13 extramural radiology practices with 30 TB archived data per year – that makes about 3 million examinations.

DICOM EEG Reference Implementation

The DICOM standard for storing EEG data, which was developed jointly with the DICOM standardization committees, was implemented in the Rosenhügel neurological center (Vienna). EEG data in this department are archived in DICOM format in the central archive of the Vienna Clinics and are therefore available in the cross-clinic patient record.

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