Digital Radiology Network

The inter-connection of medical engineering, the manufacturer independent data exchange, and the high-performance secure access to highly sensitive data these goals of modern eHealth solutions have come to life with the central image archive of a big Austrian hospital alliance. Designed and developed together with us it features a scalable architecture, a secured data quality, and a high-grade resilience.

It has been deployed in 7 radiological departments, 1 casualty ward, 3 departments of nuclear medicine, 1 cardiac ward, and 13 extramural radiology practices with 30 TB archived data per year that makes about 3 million examinations.

Image and Report Distribution

By means of web-based image and report transfer from the radiologist to the referring physician the latter has the opportunity to view the data with full image quality in a simple, efficient, and cheap way. End-to-end encryption ensures a continuous security concept.

In operation with 50 radiologists and 900 referring physicians!

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